About PAS


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PAS offers a special type of political advocacy consulting. We provide practical advice to help lobby groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), businesses and governments of all types in the United States and around the world become more effective political advocates on their own behalf—through self-help.

We are not a lobbying firm; but PAS can help you find the right lobbyist if need be. Though with an effective, internally-organized lobbying effort, you may not need a lobbyist; or a lobbyist may not be appropriate for your efforts.

Whether you are in New York, Washington, D.C., Brazil, Brussels or anywhere in the western world, effective lobbying is grounded in developing a network of political contacts, understanding public officials, knowing the power structure, and good planning.

PAS’s Services at a Glance

In the fluid world of politics, where circumstances and power relationships change constantly, there is no perfect formula for success in lobbying—even the most influential interest groups often lose, or get only part of what they want. But there is a process of political management in undertaking a advocacy effort that will considerably increase your chances of success.

Whether you are a business, a trade or professional group, an NGO, a non-profit organization, a community group, a government or government agency working to present your case to another branch of government or one of its agencies, PAS can aid you in mounting an effective advocacy effort. Or we can help enhance your present lobbying effectiveness, by familiarizing you with:

  • How to plan and implement a lobbying campaign—the do’s and don’ts
  • Putting together effective written and oral presentations for your lobbying campaign
  • How to think politically
  • The motives, goals and needs of both elected and appointed public officials
  • How government really works—where the power lies and why

PAS can help in these and many other ways through short talks, one or two-day workshops, consulting on specific issues or projects, and through written materials and videos.

All this comes at a very reasonable price and can be planned to fit your budget.

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