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Here are comments on various aspects of consulting and presentations by PAS and our associates.


“Cultivates strategic thinking of the political environment. Great practical examples. The interactive style of the presenter kept people engaged and attentive.”

Crystal Enkvist
Alaska Power Association


“I paid my own way from São Paulo to attend this session and it was worth the cost several times over. I came because I had heard about Dr. Thomas and used several of his books and articles. What I didn’t realize until this conference was how much he knows about the practical aspects of interest groups and lobby and the variations among countries. He presented it all in a very organized and understandable way. I learned new things on lobbying about my own country and he’ll be a great value to the government with his expertise. This was an excellent two days.”

Andréa Gozetto, PhD.
Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV/EAESP)
São Paulo, Brasil


“I found the workshop to be first-rate and extremely informative. As a former legislative aide, a political campaign worker, and now working for a interest group, it gave me a new and very practical perspective for dealing with state government.”

Joan Hope
Alaska Association of Conservation Districts
former legislative aide


“Clive Thomas is one of the world’s experts on lobby regulation. That’s why we invited him to the conference on regulating lobbying held in Brasília in November 2008. He gave us many useful insights on the advantages and disadvantages of different types of regulations and how to (and not to) draw up a lobbying law.”

Luiz Alberto dos Santos
Deputy Chief of Staff of the Brazilian President


“As the legislative contact for the Brazilian Ministry of Justice, I had the opportunity to discuss lobbying regulation with Dr. Thomas on the occasions that he came to Brasília to do his consulting. His extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of all aspects of interest group and lobbying in the United States, Europe (particularly the emerging democracies of Eastern Europe) and Latin America helped us to develop the perspective we needed on the challenges of regulating the Brazilian interest group system.”

Paulo Mauricio Teixeira da Costa
Senior Civil Servant
Brazilian Federal Government


“Dr. Clive Thomas’ legislative workshop was excellent. Dr. Thomas’ discussion of how to think and act politically was eye opening because it emphasized the importance of human interactions in an environment that changes rapidly and depends on mutual benefit and respect. I really liked his down to earth approach with many real-life examples and lots of practical advice. His discussion of a lobbying plan was very useful and provided an essential framework for being successful in interacting with the legislature. I learned so much about the legislative process, how to prepare for and interact with politicians, their staffs and bureaucrats to promote our cause. The workshop also helped me make sense of the budget process.”

Abel Bult-Ito, Ph.D.
President, United Academics,
AAUP/AFT Local 4996


The New Republic identified Clive Thomas as “The First Palinologist.” For the full article, please click here (pdf, 277 kb).

Amanda Silverman
The New Republic