Advocacy Consulting


Through its principal consultant and associates in other states, in Washington, D.C., Europe and Latin America, PAS offers a range of lobbying consulting services with a focus on aiding groups, organizations, businesses  and governments to become more effective advocates through their own efforts. Those involved with PAS have many years of experience consulting, writing and teaching various aspects of self-help advocacy around the world including Britain, Belgium, Lithuania, Slovakia, Scandinavia, the European Union, Brazil and Uruguay. But the bulk of PAS consulting has been done in the United States, particularly in western and Midwestern states.

Grounded in the reality that effective lobbying is shaped by interpersonal communications and political power, PAS services are wide-ranging. They include: short talks to one and two-day workshops on lobbying in general, and particular aspects of advocacy, such as presenting testimony and tracking legislation. They include specific consulting for individual clients on issues and trouble-shooting on lobbying campaigns that failed, and internal problems that undermine effective advocacy. In addition, PAS does work on developing and evaluating lobby regulations.

By understanding the lobbying environment, the goals and motives of the decision-makers, the essence of lobbying power and influence, and the various aspects of organizing and implementing a lobbying campaign, you can become a more effective advocate through your own efforts.