Developing Lobby Regulations


An increasing number of national, state and provincial governments, as well as counties, cities and special districts, have adopted lobbying regulations or are thinking of doing so. Often, though, there is only a cursory awareness of what such regulations can and cannot do—how they can deal with current problems, and their limitations in solving them. Partly as a result, the purpose of the regulations are not well thought through, the expectations of what they can achieve are unrealistic, or regulations are not related to other good government provisions. Consequently, these laws often fall short of expectations.

If you already have lobby laws and they are not working the way you’d hoped, PAS can identify why and how to improve them. If you are thinking of adopting such laws, we can help your government decide whether or not to regulate interest group operations and lobbyists. If you decide to, PAS can advise on the pros and cons of various forms of regulation, and help put together a proposed law or ordinance.