Issue & Problem-Specific Consulting


Do you have a particular issue or need that you want to present to government? But you are not sure how to go about organizing your campaign, gathering supporting material and presenting your case, including who should contact government officials and when?

PAS can help through personal consultation and providing you with written materials and videos.

Or are you concerned about your lack of effectiveness in a past lobbying campaign, or your current advocacy strategy?

If so, PAS can help trouble-shoot your problem. While no one can guarantee success in lobbying, identifying and working to avoid the factors that have been undermining your advocacy efforts will enhance your effectiveness and credibility with public officials.

Two major factors undermine mounting an effective lobbying campaign. One is problems with the planning and execution of a campaign. The other is internal problems in a group, organization or business that inhibit unity in presenting a cause to government. In both cases, PAS can evaluate the situation, identify the crux of the problem, and make recommendations on how to overcome it.