Organizing & Implementing a Campaign


Contrary to what many novices believe, lobbying is about ninety percent organization and management and only about ten percent contact with public officials. In essence, effective advocacy is an exercise in political management. It involves organizing available resources – such as money, people, access to public officials, information, and so on – to achieve a goal in the fluid environment of politics. This political environment is full of obstacles, pitfalls and unpredictable events. A well-managed – if possible, an orchestrated – campaign is essential to standing a chance of success in this political atmosphere.

PAS will walk you through all the stages of organizing and implementing a campaign. This includes: conducting an initial feasibility study to see if you have the necessary resources to mount a credible campaign; developing strategies and tactics as part of a lobbying plan; and identifying likely allies and opponents on your issue. Plus, we can help you choose the right person or people to lobby for you, who to lobby, when to approach them and how to present your issue.

We will give you advice on what to do if your issue gets stalled in moving through the process. And we will explain that when a bill is passed, or a legislative provision that you oppose is killed, this is likely not the end of your lobbying effort. Generally, laws need regulations written for their implementation and this is a crucial aspect of whether your proposal is implemented to your satisfaction. Also, defeated groups and organizations often regroup and come back to lobby again – so you need to be prepared for that too.