Understanding Government & Public Officials

Image Source Sen. Jim Himes at http://himes.house.gov/legislative-resources/committee-assignments

Understanding government and public officials is not second nature to most of us even though we may think so because we live in a democracy. Many lobbying efforts come to nothing because those involved lack knowledge of the way government actually works—the power points, and how to approach and deal with public officials.

What is particularly important is understanding the psychology of both elected and appointed officials and the nature of the political environment. This requires thinking politically – to be able to view the political process in a way that helps you plan strategies and tactics to achieve your lobbying goals.

PAS can help your group, organization or business understand government and develop the ability to think politically. This can be accomplished in overview in a short talk, or in-depth in a half or one-day workshop. Or it can be done one-on-one or through the provision of written materials, audios and videos.