Workshops & Talks


Some PAS consulting is provided by dealing directly with group leaders and members one-on-one. Other of our services are delivered through workshops and talks to groups.

These group sessions can be general overviews of the elements of effective advocacy to help you, your members or employees better understand the elements of effective representation to government. Or they can be on specific and specialized topics.

Particular topics can be any of those explained on this website such as: understanding government and public officials, which focuses on how to think politically; effective verbal and written communications; dealing with the press as part of your campaign; how to overcome the problems often associated with volunteers; choosing the right lobbyist or person to lobby from your organization, among other aspects of advocacy.

These presentations can range from a one-hour talk at a luncheon or as part of a program or conference, to a half, one or two-day workshop. Most one or two-day workshops include a hands-on simulation exercise that gives participants a chance to practice what they’ve learned. All sessions include written materials to aid in the presentation and for use later during a lobbying effort. Longer workshops include an extensive supplementary materials booklet.

For an example of a workshop schedule and range of topics, click here (pdf, 493kb).