Examples of Consulting


Here are examples of the consulting services PAS has conducted over the years and some of the organizations that have hired PAS.

Workshops on Lobbying

Lobbying in the European Union, the United States and Asia [one outline (pdf, 105kb)]

Lobby Regulation

Conference Keynote Speaker in Brasília, Brazil [presentation outline (pdf, 51kb)]
Pacific Institute, San Francisco, advisor on their report, “State-Level Lobbying and Taxpayers.”

Other Presentations and Workshops

Presentations with a Punch
Using Volunteers Effectively
Surviving a Press Interview
Understanding Alaska
The Sarah Palin Phenomenon [Palinologist Article (pdf, 284kb)]

Consulting Clients Include

The Western Council of State Governments
Center for the New West
Federal Government of Brazil, The President’s Office of Anti-Corruption
The Lithuania Delegation to the European Union
The European Union Commisssion
The Conference Board Europe
Association of Alaska School Boards
Alaska State Chamber of Commerce
Alaska Municipal League [presentation outline (pdf, 67kb)]