Free Articles and Other Materials

The free materials below include lobbying and advocacy in the United States, various countries around the world, and on lobby regulation.


The United States

Lobbying in the United States – An Overview for Students, Scholars and Practitioners (Clive S. Thomas, 2005) [pdf, 2.3mb]
Interest Group Politics in the States  – Four Decades of Developments (Clive S. Thomas, Ronald J. Hrebenar & Anthony J. Nownes, 2008) [pdf, 2mb]
Interest Groups in Washington State – The Political Dynamics of Representation, Influence, and Regulation (Clive S. Thomas & Richard Elgar, 2011) [pdf, 1.7mb]
Who’s Got Clout? – Interest Group Power in the States (Clive S. Thomas & Ronald J. Hrebenar, 1999) [pdf, 4.9mb]
The Most Influential Interest Groups in the States Today and in the Past (Clive S. Thomas, 2007) [pdf, 189kb]


Around the World

Understanding Interest Groups, Lobbying and Lobbyists in Developing Democracies – Journal of Public Affairs (Clive S. Thomas and Ronald J. Hrebenar, 2008)
Interest Groups, Lobbying and Lobbyists Across the Western World and Beyond (Clive S. Thomas, 2004)  [pdf, 248kb]
Interest Groups and Lobbying in Latin America – Understanding the Development and Operation of Latin American Interests, Power Groups and Interest Groups (Clive S. Thomas, 2009) [pdf, 1.9mb]


Interest Group Regulation

Interest Group Regulation Across the United States – Rationale, Development and Consequences (Clive S. Thomas, 1998)  [pdf, 1.4mb]
Transparency in Public Affairs –  Lessons from the Mixed Experience in the United States (Clive S. Thomas, 2006) [pdf, 438kb]
Under the Influence – Short article on lobby regulation for Public Affairs (Clive S. Thomas, 2006) [pdf, 2.1mb]
The Contribution of Lobby Regulation Initiatives in Addressing Political Corruption in Latin America – Journal of Public Affairs (Luiz Alberto dos Santos and Paulo Mauricio Teixeira da Costa, 2012)