Public Relations Campaigns


Over the past thirty years, an increasing number of interest groups have mounted public relations – PR – campaigns as part of their lobbying effort. So, a question often asked by groups and their members is: “Should we have a PR campaign?” The answer is not a simple one; but PAS can help you decide. Among the factors PAS can help you with and raise your awareness to are:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of a PR campaign, and whether you should consider one and for what purpose.
  • The elements of an effective PR campaign and how to successfully integrate it with a lobbying effort.
  • Examples of successful and unsuccessful lobbying PR campaigns at the national, state and local levels to illustrate the pitfalls of such campaigns and how to avoid them.
  • The various pros and cons (including costs) of different media outlets, such as radio, TV, newspapers, billboard ads, electronic and social media, infomericials, etc., and combinations of these in implementing your campaign.
  • Designing the content of a specific campaign and how this should fit with your lobbying plan.

PAS is not equipped, however, to create the elements of your campaign in regards to ads, videos, contacting media outlets for implementing the campaign, and so on. Though we can recommend individuals, businesses, and various media sources that can help you.